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馃憢馃徎 Hi, I'm Bryan, a startup CTO, entrepreneur, with over 20 years of software engineering and product management experience.

I've been in software 馃捇 for over 20 years. I took the unconventional path, landing a job as tech support, teaching myself to code on the job (Visual FoxPro and C), becoming their developer, working for big tech, all before heading to college.

This is one of the reasons I believe technology and startups are for anyone, as long as you're willing to be curious and put the time in.

Over the years I've worked on many projects for a bunch of companies. I've worked for big tech and for the government. But I'm particularly passionate about startups or companies who operate with a startup mindset. In fact my first job was at a startup 馃殌 where we sold self storage software (it was the 90's) to over 600 customers. And I'm currently the CTO of a startup (not listed since this site and my opinions are my own).

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